Friday, February 19, 2010

ketandusan hidup

babe, seriuosly.. i think, i was missing someone; sy sgt syg die!
pliz laa give him back to me God!!
rse mcm kosong sgt2 . . . tanpa die
evrytime every minutes i think about u dear.
i don't lie and i can't lie anymore . . . its really happened to me!!
i try to forget u dear, but its difficult to me!!
even ktorg jaoh pon, if die ade with me..
i feel i've safe with him..
and now its the end with our frenz . . .
i dont know why..and i dont know whos is blaming in this matters.
secare tibe tibe!!
oke oke.. i'll try, i 'll try to forgot u dear.. =((

im not sure that i love him or i like u to be my friend>>
its really confuse ^ ^